Self-adhesive Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels

Self-adhesive Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels are made by recycle PET Bottles, outstanding acoustic performance, apply on walls or ceilings in interior design.

Product Name: Self-adhesive Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels.

Standard Size:12″ X 10″ X 0.4″ , can be cut any size and shape based on your requirement.

Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm or customized.

Function: Self-adhesive Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels  are large sturdy sheets, that are soft to touch. Used as wall and ceiling panels, room dividers, pinboards or customized installations.


  • 【3D Acoustic Design is Better】acoustic panels are specially designed to absorb noise and eliminate echoes. The 3D star wedge-shaped surface increases the contact area with the sound waves, which improves sound quality by reducing noise as they remove echoes and background sounds not by blocking the sound but by absorbing it.
  • 【No Installation】Self-adhesive design, no tools or additional materials are required! The sound proof foam panels come with glue on the back, just peel off and stick it to the walls, door and ceiling, save your time and money.
  • 【Stylish Decoration】The minimalist design and unique hexagonal design not only improve acoustic quality but also decorate your house. Free splicing combination, our soundproof wall panels are easy to combine with different color to create the most suitable internal structure for you. Widely used, can be placed in the living room, bedroom, studio, home theatre, etc.
  • 【High Density and Eco-friendly】9.4 lbs per Cubic Foot density and made with 100% polyester fiber, odorless, non-toxic, and flame retardant, it is both safe to breathe in and touch. The sound panels not only have effective sound absorption characteristics but also will not cause any harm to our body.

Lead time: 7-10days.

Sample: Available.

Delivery: DDP With Door to Door Delivery, 5days by DHL, Fedex, UPS, 15days by Air, 25days by Sea.

Self-adhesive Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels Details:


Self Adhesive polyester felt acoustic panels are multi-purpose, sound-deadening insulator that can reduce sounds from street traffic, airplanes and construction. Now, instead of waking up in the morning to the sounds of jackhammers and excavators, you can sleep in peace. Our panels absorbs those noises. It can also help reduce the sounds coming from other areas of your home, like loud music or band practice, and vibrational noises from running children or vacuum cleaners.



Polyester felt is made of recycled PET plastics, mostly water bottles or other single-use products. The recycled material is compressed and melted down until left with plastic flakes. The plastic bits are then remelted and extruded as fiber. This fiber is then used to produce rolls or sheets of PET textile material, similar in any felting process. It can contain anywhere from 0% to 100% recycled content. Not only is it sustainable, but it is fast becoming the premium choice for sound dampening performance in lieu of other traditional materials, like fiberglass.

Polyester felt’s lightweight durable nature (combined with an additional lower melting point ) create the ideal properties for acoustic felt panel design. Its capability to be easily cut, variety of color options, and limitless forms are making polyester acoustic panels part of the visual landscape in modern interior design.



Benefits of Using Self-adhesive Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels Insulation:


When we design for sound, we are designing for experience. Before, implementing sound insulation into already existing spaces meant the only solution was to hang unattractive hanging baffles and deal with the eyesore.

Now, polyester felt delivers an appealing design in junction with high-functioning performance rates of acoustic insulation.

There is a symphony of reasons the design industry is choosing polyester felt over any other material; acoustically, environmentally, and aesthetically.

Excellent Acoustic Performance

While it is possible, it is challenging to include acoustic design into a space before it has been occupied. In most cases, sound is the last piece an architect will fit into the puzzle. Knowing how a room will be used and where the potential challenges will be for sound issues are essential pieces of the puzzle to negotiate when implementing acoustic solutions. The building layout may not be flexible, but the acoustic solutions can be.

Polyester acoustic felt soaks up ambient noise in a variety of forms. Do you need to mitigate noise in your office conference room? Consider hanging acoustic clouds strategically over spots where noise reflection is at its highest. Are your gym guests experiencing an overload of noise in a large open floor plan? Ceiling baffles would work best here, especially when dealing with higher ceilings.

Using polyester acoustic felt to your best advantage involves finding your key sources of noise and adopting different paneling styles to adapt to the parameters that will help aurally orient your space.

24mm High Density Soundproof PET Acoustic Panels Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels

24mm High Density Soundproof PET Acoustic Panels Polyester Felt Acoustic Panels




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