Cotton Rope Kids Toys Storage Basket

Toys storage baskets are storage baskets made from natural cotton rope that are specifically designed to store children’s toys. These baskets are usually made from soft, yet durable, cotton rope, which makes them a safe and practical choice for children’s rooms. They are also available in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors to suit various storage needs and room decor styles.

Cotton rope kids toys baskets can be used to store a variety of toys, including stuffed animals, board games, puzzles, blocks, and more. They are lightweight and easy to move around, which makes them a convenient storage option for both children and parents. Additionally, the softness of the cotton rope means that there is little risk of injury or damage to the toys, even if they are stored in the basket for a long time.

Overall, cotton rope kids toys baskets are a practical and stylish storage solution for children’s rooms. They are versatile, easy to use, and can help to keep toys organized and easily accessible for children.

Toys Storage Cotton Rope Basket





Our kid toys storage baskets are made of 100% cotton rope, soft material without any chemicals, safe and healthy, environmental friendly and won’t scratch your wood floors or the walls of your home.firm and sturdy, Fully handcrafted.

Last for Years of Continued Use
It’s tightly woven to maintain its shape and integrity. We use an all-natural renewable green resource with no harsh chemicals or harmful additives.
Much more pleasing than plastic baskets and much more durable than fabric storage. Our hampers have no odor.
It has a soft, flexible quality that makes it easier to fit in small spaces or store.

More Features:

  • Made from natural cotton rope material
  • Soft and durable
  • Specifically designed for storing children’s toys
  • Available in different sizes, shapes, and colors
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Safe for children to use

Size:  Customized Size based on different usage. You can simply fold them up when not in use or travel.

Color: Gray, brown orange or customized color.

High Quality Cotton Rope Woven 100% cotton, woven cotton thread is very soft
and don’t damage your floors and furniture. Seamless design, not easy to tear,
More durable than rattan and plastic materials. Our storage basket has no harsh chemiacls
added, and the cotton rope basket is safe for kids, elders and pets. Durable enough and
stylish enough to go anywhere in the home.

Washable : Hand washing or machine washing. When wash by machine, better place basket
in a garment bag. Air-dry is better or you can dryer on a delicate cycle.


Portable and Convenient Storage woven laundry hamper can be used in your nursery as a stuffed animal toy storage bin, large decorative baby basket for organizing diapers, blankets, throws, toys, and stuffed animals

Our  Cartoon Cotton Rope Storage Box with Lid is safe for children, suites for toys, magazines, blankets storage, laundry basket, and more with these sturdy, everyday storage baskets that can be tucked away in closets, side tables, left out in the open to enhance decor.


Details of Cotton Rope Kids Toys Baskets


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