Heat Resistant Cotton Rope Woven table Placemats

Cotton Rope Hand Insulation Pads: 100% Cotton Rope Woven Hand Insulation Pads, these woven insulation pads are great for protecting countertops, living room coffee tables, bedroom side tables and other surfaces from water damage or heat damage. Double-sided usable, easy to clean.
🍳 Water Absorbency and Heat Resistance: Our thick absorbent woven pads are tightly woven, skin-friendly and soft, with good moisture absorption and breathability. Can be used as placemat, coaster and pot holder, dish pad, free to place a cup of coffee, ice cold water glass, beer, glass bottle or beverage plastic, it will prevent your cup from slipping and protect your table top.
🍳 Stylish and practical: The coaster set is designed in a woven style, with a heat transfer printing pattern on the front, the color is bright and not easy to fade, and it is beautiful and versatile. The edges are neat and beautiful, without burrs, the locks are tight and not easy to open and loose, and the middle is fixed with a tight cotton thread, which is strong and durable. Upgrade your kitchen decor for a rustic decor experience.
🍳 Size and Quantity: Not all dishes are the same size, so we provide 3 different styles of home kitchen placemats, the first printed strawberry 4-piece set (3 sets are optional) diameters are 12, 18, 24, The regular size of 30 inches, the second fruit series 4-piece set are 18 and 30 inches in diameter, and the third 5-piece color 5-piece set (two sets are optional) are 11, 18, 24, 30 ( Oval 30*40 inches), suitable for different size fondues, pans and dishes.
🍳 Wide range of uses: Every kitchen needs a beautiful placemat to decorate a warm home, a beautiful placemat will make delicious dishes more delicate, our placemats can not only be used in your home kitchen, but also can be used for festivals, Birthday or housewarming, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and more, provide elegant and sophisticated holiday home decor.


Heat Resistant Cotton Rope Woven table Placemats



Cotton Rope Woven Placemats


Material of  Heat Resistant Cotton Rope Woven table Placemats  :

⭐ Heat Resistant Cotton Rope Woven table Placemats made of natural eco-friendly cotton. firm and sturdy, Fully handcrafted. This is safe for people and plants with no harsh treatments or impurities.

Last for Years of Continued Use
It’s tightly woven to maintain its shape and integrity. We use an all-natural renewable green resource with no harsh chemicals or harmful additives.
Much more pleasing than plastic baskets and much more durable than fabric storage. Our hampers have no odor.
It has a soft, flexible quality that makes it easier to fit in small spaces or store.

Size:  Customized Size based on different usage.

Color: Gray, brown orange or customized color.

Washable : Hand washing or machine washing. When wash by machine, better place basket
in a garment bag. Air-dry is better or you can dryer on a delicate cycle.

1、 Gentle wash, not machine wash, not bleach. Please don’t soak the stain while cleaning it. It is recommended to wash hands and dry in the shade to avoid exposure to the sun so as not to fade and reduce the service life.
2、Thick and strong, comfortable hands, after cleaning is not easy to deform.
3、Thickened Anti-Slip, Water absorption Heat resistance. Both positive and negative can be used to decorate, beautiful and practical.
4、This place mat can have multiple uses. It not only can be used for tableware, cups, plates, vase, hot pot, as a coaster, pot pad, meal pad, seat pad and used as a play mat for children or pets.


Heat Resistant Cotton Rope Woven table Placemats Details



Cotton Rope Woven Placemats


Add a natural and elegant style to the restaurant counter, bar or breakfast corner, perfect for cooking, baking, serving or dinner.
In addition, at Halloween、Christmas、weddings、parties, it can also improve your dining experience!
❤️Kitchen and Dining Room Rope Placemats – Ideal for enhancing the look of a dining room table or keeping countertops cleaner where kids or guests sit and enjoy food in or outdoor. These round placemats offer style and functionality for every space.
❤️Versatile Home Decor – These rustic farmhouse rope placemats come in 7 exclusive colors to fit your dining room, living room, or home decor including honey, mixed brown, rainbow stitches, and more. All to fit your lifestyle and unique design eye.
❤️Thick, High-Quality Cotton Weave – Our heat resistant place mat better protect surfaces because they’re stronger and more durable than polyester, macrame, wooden, wicker, jute, rattan, seagrass, straw or basic linens. This makes them ideal for plates, hot pans, pots, or as general decorations.
❤️Rustic and Charming Farmhouse Feel – Offering a more natural look that really stands out this boho placemat chargers set of 4 comes in both round and oval options to better suit your individual style and to add a warmer, more welcoming touch to your home.
Cotton Rope Woven Placemats

Cotton Rope Woven Placemats

Cotton Rope Woven Placemats







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